Gas Permeable Varifocals
· Any parameter

· Easy fitting-No chair time lost

· Unique Aspheric Varifocal Design-On front Surface

· 45 DK Highly wettable material

· Available in Blue, Grey, Green and Clear

· Any Add Powers From + 0.50 in steps of 0.25

· Free Exchange Warranty of Three Months

New improved Design Full Refund if not satisfied With Result

Fitting - Infinity Varifocal Gas Permeable Lenses

Eyetech has launched the Infinity varifocal contact lens, using the company's experience of 37 years in contact lens manufacture.

This newly launched product has been placed to complement the already very successful range of GP lenses. Infinity Varifocal lenses are available for practically all presbyopic wearers, and gives you a comprehensive range of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Since the introduction of the first Infinity Varifocal GP lens in February 2000, the design has been improved and has been received enthusiastically by practitioners and wearers throughout Europe, with sales doubling year on year throughout 2000 to 2002.

A key feature of the Infinity Varifocal lens is that distance vision is not compromised by a central reading zone. The unique centre-distance design ensures good focus in both the distance and near zones, while the transitional areas are also fully calculated and controlled for intermediate vision. What the wearer experiences is significantly improved vision for distance, intermediate and reading.

In addition Infinity Varifocals can be manufactured as Back Surface or front Surface Torics as well as Bi-Torics

Eyetech’s Unique Technology, together with the company's significant experience in lathe-cutting all types of lenses, enables Eyetech to design and manufacture accurate optics on each centre-distance Varifocal. In addition, all lenses manufactured by Eyetech go through a 100 % inspection process.

Fully guaranteed, Infinity Varifocals are easy to fit using standard procedures as for single Gas Permeable lenses. Because the advanced optics are controlled on the front surface of the lens, practitioners can select their preferred back surface design, using normal fitting criteria. Unlike some back surface RGP Varifocal designs, there is no compromise on fit and wearers will not experience corneal moulding, spectacle blur or any of the other problems associated with back surface Varifocal optics. Another advantage for the practitioner is the ability to choose between an Eyetech design and full prescription based on any lens design.

Infinity Varifocals come with full technical support, where you are able to discuss directly with the technician who manufactures your Infinity, any adjustments or requirements.

Importantly, Infinity GP lenses cover all reading additions from +0.50 to +6.00 ADD in 0.25 steps. The lenses are available in all prescriptions. They can be ordered either empirically or by using contact lens Rx.

Please note:

The more information given to us helps in a more successful fit, and the patient a more precise fitting and excellent vision all round